The Basics

Shima Jiu-Jitsu is a real world close combat self-defense approach thats smarter, faster and more efficient than any martial art or military combat training.

Situational Self-Defense

Shima also teaches its users a situational self-defense, which involves understanding how to avoid or defuse dangerous situations quickly. The art believes in its techniques for averting dangerous situations before they begin (preemptively) as much as it does in its techniques for combat.

Maximizing Efficiency

Shima focuses on targeting and exposing the weaknesses in the human body and mind of the opponent(s) to maximize speed and damage while reducing personal weaknesses. Achieving total control (incapacitation) over the enemy is usually under 2 seconds.

Punching and blocking are not necessary for a higher-level Shima user (these are not efficient ways to end a dangerous encounter, especially when weapons are involved).


Core Goals and Principles

Shima's core goal is to maximize the survival rate for yourself and your loved ones in life-threatening situations.

The art involves both top work and ground work. Many principles were taken from the Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu martial arts styles and modified to fit Shima's goals.

Shima techniques are all multi-faceted and are each developed to meet specific fundamental principles with multiple benefits for the user. A technique must always take the least amount of time, the effect on the opponent should open a new window of attack for the user and the technique should be nearly impossible to intentionally counter, even for opponents trained in its arts. All final techniques will provide the user full control over the opponent and render them incapacitated.

A user fluent in Shima can create endless new techniques as Shima is an art based on fundamental principles and understandings instead of drilled out go-to techniques and punch-kick combos. Shima teaches you how to react in any situation, regardless of location or whether it involves a single opponent, multiple attackers, guns, knives or other weapons, and emphasizes removing threats as a top priority within the shortest possible time (a few seconds on average).

Discover Shima: The True Self Defense.

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